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Analysis Of Characteristics Of Artistic Hollow Carved Plate Aluminum Veneer


The hollowed carved plate aluminum veneer is made of high quality and strength aluminum alloy sheet in the condition of H24, which is manufactured by advanced numerical control bending equipment. The thermal insulation material can be added on the back of the panel when there is special requirement. 

Hollowed carved plate aluminum veneer is applied to the interior and exterior decoration and decoration of hotel, airport, railway station, building external wall, beam column, balcony, conference hall, opera house, KTV, school, large shopping mall, office building, ceiling ceiling.

Features of artistic hollow carved plate aluminum veneer:

1. Good weight, good rigidity and high strength;

2. Good weather resistance and weldability;

3. Corrosion resistance, strong plasticity and smooth;

4. Easy to clean, fine appearance, unique and beautiful shape, maintenance resistance and lasting use;

5. Green and safe, recyclable and renewable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving;

6. Free from ultraviolet rays, humidity, temperature and atmospheric corrosion, and never fade;

7. Easy and fast installation and removal.

8. Good bending strength and wind pressure resistance.