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The Hot-selling Honeycomb Exterior Wall Is Of Good Quality And Sound Insulation


Features of aluminum honeycomb panel

1)The curtain wall material of green, environmental protection and energy saving, aluminum honeycomb curtain wall board, is the all-aluminum structure and a new type of green, environmental protection and energy saving building material, which is praised as the best curtain wall building material of the 21st century.

2)Due to the fact that the aluminum honeycomb core in the aluminum honeycomb curtain wall board is divided into many closed Chambers, the air flow is prevented and heat and sound waves are not easily transmitted. It is an ideal energy-saving material. When rain drops hit aluminum veneers or aluminum plastic plates in heavy rain, the noise is particularly high, which is avoided by aluminum honeycomb panel wallboard, effectively solving the problem of large noise and no insulation in rainy weather.

3)  The aluminum honeycomb curtain wall panels with a surprisingly flat surface and a variety of colors and sizes have high flatness, non-deformation, good adhesion and weather resistance.

4)  light weight, high strength, high rigidity, stable structure, good wind resistance aluminum honeycomb curtain wall plate with its light quality, high strength, stiffness big, and many other advantages, is not easy to produce aluminum honeycomb curtain wall plate shear, make the plate more stable, aluminum honeycomb curtain wall wind resistance greatly beyond the aluminous model board and aluminum veneer, and is not easy to deformation, good flatness characteristics, even if the honeycomb aluminum curtain wall plate size is very big, also can achieve very high flatness.

5)  strong decoration, easy to install and quick. Aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer produced aluminum honeycomb panel is the application of aviation technology in civil buildings, car decoration and so on. It is the application of aviation and spaceflight materials in civil building. Specializing in the production of aluminum veneer, carved aluminum veneer, punching aluminum veneer.

Installation method of aluminum honeycomb panel

1. Lifting lug. This installation method is separate type of lifting lug and honeycomb plate. After the lifting lug is separately processed, it is connected with the glue joint position of honeycomb plate.

2. Flanging type, this installation method is to process the flanging for installation when processing aluminum honeycomb plate manufacturers. The installation only needs to comfort the connection with the keel and glue joint, which is suitable for the width of glue joint is greater than or equal to 10mm.

3. Buckle type. This node is aluminum buckle type, buckle type is specific profile material, easy to install, but this method requires high precision of plate processing, so it is not recommended to use plates with length greater than 3000mm. According to the width of the buckle, there are 20mm and 40mm joints in the plate.