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Aluminum Veneer Manufacturer _ How Should Aluminum Veneer Column Cladding Be Correctly Construction


Aluminum veneer Column cladding, as the name implies, is a decorative material specially designed for columns, which is often called curved aluminum veneer in its shape.

The arc-shaped aluminum veneer is the most complex of all aluminum veneer types, and it is easy to have problems in actual installation. Correct installation method of aluminum sheet with arc envelop:

1. Lay out the wire and fix the steel skeleton. The skeleton is fixed on the main structure and the quality of the main structure is checked before laying out.

2. Fastening the connector of the skeleton. Secure the connector to the skeleton by bolting or welding.

3. Anti-corrosion treatment. Fixation of the skeleton, anti-corrosion treatment of the surface after welding, accurate placement of the skeleton and solid structure.

4. Check center line and surface elevation. In order to ensure the accuracy of the plate installation, it is advisable to use the theodolite to complete the beam vertical frame bar. The deformation joints, settlement joints, variable section, etc. are properly handled to meet the use requirements.

5. Aluminum veneer installation. Fix the aluminum veneer to the keel to make it smooth and flat.

6. After the plate is installed, check the overall layout installation to ensure the aluminum veneer is firm and reliable. The gap between the plate and the plate should be internally treated.