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Evolution of aluminum square tank ceiling

Feature of perforated metal: Easily process. There are a variety selection of plate thickness, pore size and arrangement. Beautiful appearance, our products through painting or polishing have the advantage of abrasion resistance and long service life. Uniform mesh and smooth surface. Low cost, easy to install.

eneral Square Groove has evolved from the grille smallpox product is, in fact, there used to be a very big market, grille smallpox because grille smallpox has simple structure, and the ventilation breathable performance is high, and, because of the grille smallpox can spell woven together, so there is no limit on the length, but, because of grille smallpox is horizontal longitudinal cross installation and so on the use of the product quantity is more, but at this point, the aluminum rectangular tube was developed, the aluminum rectangular tube is a kind of single direction of card button smallpox condole top, product size is very flexible, and can be installed with different spacing and chic decoration effect. In the meantime, still can use different aluminous square to pass dimension or color to undertake combination is installed, through simple installation gimmick, let whole design plan unique style, shine brilliantly.

Aluminum fangtong is widely used in subway, high-speed railway station, station, airport, shopping shopping mall, passageway, leisure place, public toilet, building