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About The Aluminum Ceiling Display And Features?

The aluminum ceiling piece has an open field of vision, which makes people’s mind incomparably open, ventilated, clear lines and distinct layers. The installation effect of aluminum ceiling piece is simple and clear, which is the style of modern art. Aluminum ceiling pieces have various designs and colors. Wood grain is the most popular color now, and it is also a color highly imitated by nature, so that people can feel the existence of nature in their tired work

Aluminum ceiling display and features

There are two installation methods for aluminum ceilings, such as light steel keel and wooden keel. Because the wood will be deformed by the influence of temperature and humidity, the time is long, and the deformation between the wooden sides is large and small. The final result is uneven deformation of the ceiling. Instead, the light steel keel is installed. Since all the materials on the ceiling are made of metal, the deformation is minimized. Therefore, the installation method of the light steel keel is the most preferable.

1. High processing precision, stable shape and elegant appearance.

2, can be combined with a variety of different specifications, color panels to create a unique visual effect.

3. Each aluminum gusset plate can be disassembled separately for easy maintenance and easy cleaning.