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Manufacturer Building Material Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel In China


Aluminum honeycomb panel construction:

High-strength alloy aluminum plate is used as the panel and the bottom plate, and a high-grade three-layer aluminum structure with a decorative adhesive and anti-corrosive coating on the surface of the aluminum plate is formed by aeronautical adhesive inner hexagonal aluminum foil honeycomb core. Decorative plates.


Features of aluminum honeycomb panels:

The flatness of the plate is high, safe and convenient. The light weight and high strength of the plate can realize the large plate surface. The honeycomb core material contributes to the space insulation effect. The color and surface treatment can be selected to provide excellent customized processing capability to satisfy the customers. Personalized demand for high quality materials and advanced processing technology to ensure product durability. Various installation systems are available for different solutions, and easy to install and maintain.


Aluminum honeycomb panel application:

1. Building curtain wall exterior wall hanging board

2. Interior decoration engineering

3. Billboard 4. Shipbuilding

5. Aviation manufacturing

6. Indoor partition and commodity display stand

7. Commodity transporter and container truck body

8. Buses, trains, subways and rail vehicles