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Perforated Sound Insulation And Absorbing Panels Aluminum Honeycomb Ceiling


1. Punched aluminum plate sound-absorbing sound-absorbing board is usually used in curtain wall decoration. It is the design suspension of many pavilions. The simple plate design is very good, it can have very good sound insulation effect, and it is also beautiful and atmospheric. , creating a kind of visual beauty.


2. Perforated pressure-type sound-absorbing panels customized by Shanhe Building Materials Co., Ltd. are stamped and formed by various materials. The surface is treated with electrostatic powder coating. The colors are various. They can be selected according to customer needs and surrounding environment, or they can be directly used. Apply steel plate to punch.


3. This perforated aluminum plate sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing board has many changes in the hole type and arrangement mode, so it not only plays a good sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing effect, but also can achieve an excellent decorative effect.


4. This type of punched aluminum plate type sound-absorbing sound-absorbing board is widely used in concert halls, theaters, studios, monitor rooms, large conference rooms, stadiums, exhibition halls, museums, song and dance theaters, and family theaters. The sound absorption of acoustics such as factories and silent rooms, as well as the workshops of textile mills and noise-standard buildings, the sound-absorbing wall panels of large public buildings, and sound-absorbing ceiling panels.