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What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Square Products?

Features 1) Dimensional stability, longevity, natural feel 2) Resistance to rot and crack 3) Stable over a wide temperature range, weather-resistant 4) Moisture resistant, low flame spread 5) High impact resistant 6) Outstanding screw and nail retention 7) Environmentally friendly, recyclable 8) Broad range of finished and appearance 9) Easily produced and easily fabricated 10) Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives

Product installation:

The aluminum square is easy to install and the maintenance is also very convenient. Since each aluminum square is separate, it can be installed and disassembled at will, without special tools, convenient for maintenance and maintenance. Different aluminum heights can be selected for different heights and spacings. One can be high and low, one thin and one dense, and a reasonable color matching, which makes the design ever-changing and can design different decorative effects. At the same time, since the aluminum square pass is transparent, the luminaire, air conditioning system and fire fighting equipment can be placed in the ceiling to achieve the overall perfect visual effect. It has an open vision and a clear hierarchy; the installation effect is simple and clear, and the colors are diversified, which is the style of modern art.

results show:

The installation of the aluminum square pass is used to conceal a large number of crowded public places, which is convenient for air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation, and can evenly distribute the light, making the whole space spacious and bright. Widely used in subways, high-speed rail stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, passages, leisure places, public toilets, building exteriors and other open spaces. Its decorative features make the building full of art.