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Honeycomb Panel Curtain Wall Product Installation And Advantageous Performance

Aluminum U channel decorative ceiling are acid-resist and mould-proof contemporary metal ceilings. This kind of product is perfect as interior public place ceiling, like metro station ceiling, shopping mall ceiling, super market ceiling, restaurant ceiling, gymnasium ceiling etc. The sizes of the U channel interior ceiling could be customized.

1. Hanging ear type. The installation method is that the lifting lug and the honeycomb panel are separated, and the lifting lugs are separately processed and connected to the seam position of the honeycomb panel, and the suitable width of the rubber seam is ≥12 mm. This installation method makes the processing simple and convenient to install.

2. Flanged. This installation method is to process the installation of the aluminum honeycomb panel, that is, the installation has the installation flange, the installation only needs to comfort the connection and the keel and the glue joint, the suitable seam width is ≥10mm, the method is convenient to install, but the processing is slightly complicated. Not suitable for modeling curtain wall panels.

3. Buckle type. This node is aluminum buckle type, the buckle is a specific profile, the installation is simple, but this method has high requirements on the processing precision of the plate, and it is not recommended to use the plate with the length more than 3000mm. According to the width of the buckle, the seam in the plate is 20mm and 40mm.

(1) Fire prevention: The aluminum plate is a non-combustible material.

(2) Corrosion resistance: The aluminum honeycomb panel is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon and has strong corrosion resistance. The salt spray was sprayed for 48 hours without pinholes, cracks, and no bubbles.

(3) Environmental protection: Honeycomb panels are pure aluminum products, which do not volatilize any harmful gases, no radioactivity and can be completely recycled, 100% environmentally friendly products.

(4) The aluminum honeycomb panel is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the panel is not removed. Due to its light weight and convenient transportation, it can be transported to different places for repeated use. This is not comparable to other partition plates.