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Definition and classification of metal clad panels

Metal composite plate can play the respective advantages of component materials, achieve the optimal allocation of each component material resources, and achieve the performance requirements that a single metal can not meet. In addition to its industrial applications, it is also widely used in various projects with its excellent appearance and performance.

What is metal composite plate?

The metal composite plate usually consists of two layers of metal, the middle layer is composed of flame retardant non-toxic core material, without reducing the use effect (weather resistance, mechanical strength, flatness, etc.), to achieve the effect of low consumption, green, environmental protection. Metal composite plate is known as the king of facade of curtain wall and interior wall by the industry. According to different base material, core material and cover layer, it can be divided into many different types. With the development and progress of the technology, the effect and performance of the technology are constantly enhanced.

Common metal composite plates are:

Aluminum composite plate, copper composite plate, stainless steel composite plate, pure titanium or titanium zinc composite plate, galvanized steel composite plate......

1, aluminum composite plate

The PROCESS IS A composite MATERIAL MADE OF coated ALUMINUM PLATE WITH chemical treatment as the surface material, polyethylene plastic or inorganic mineral as the core material, and processed on the special aluminum composite plate production equipment. Its use is very wide, building exterior wall, old building renovation, interior walls and ceiling and even advertising signs can be used.


1) Light material, easy processing, convenient installation: the weight of aluminum composite plate per square meter is only about 3.5-7.5kg, can achieve a variety of shapes, easy installation, reduce the construction cost;

2) Fire resistance, impact resistance: the middle of the aluminum composite plate is flame retardant non-toxic core material, both sides are extremely difficult to burn the aluminum layer, the product can reach A2, B1 level fire, and the material has high toughness, bending does not damage the finish, strong impact resistance;

3) Strong weather resistance: up to 20 years unfading.

2, copper composite plate

Copper composite plate using copper, aluminum or copper - plastic - aluminum composite, smooth surface, easy to process molding, and save a lot of precious copper than single copper plate.

Features: Bacteriostatic, high strength, light weight, flat surface, through special technology can achieve the effect of multi-color, multi-texture on the surface.

3, stainless steel composite plate

Stainless steel composite plate is made of stainless steel as the surface base plate, flame retardant or non-combustible inorganic material as the core material, and formed by thermal composite. It can be applied to the curtain wall of high grade buildings and indoor and outdoor decoration.


1) Antibacterial, high strength, light weight, flat surface;

2) bright, hard, wear resistance, corrosion resistance;

3) Excellent mechanical properties, durable.

4, pure titanium or titanium zinc composite plate

Pure titanium or titanium zinc composite plate with titanium zinc alloy as the panel, aluminum or stainless steel as the back, flame retardant or non-combustible inorganic material as the core material, formed by thermal composite. It can be used in curtain wall, roof and indoor and outdoor decoration of high-grade buildings.

Features: High strength, light weight, good flatness, strong texture, surface with self-repair function, long service life.

5, galvanized steel composite plate

Galvanized steel composite plate refers to the surface steel plate and the bottom steel plate are galvanized steel plate, has excellent stiffness and impact resistance performance.

Features: Super flatness, super corrosion resistance, durability and excellent metallic luster.