Why aluminum facades become a symbol of luxury homes?

The advantages of aluminum facade in the high-rise are especially obvious. It has unique texture, light weight, and is formed in the factory. The material is more convenient and efficient in the construction process of transportation, processing, installation, and so on.

Whether it's Princess Tower in Dubai, Tianhui in Hong Kong, or Tomson Yipin. Many landmark mansions around the world have aluminum facades.

So, how is aluminum facade different from other materials?

The first is aesthetic: after the surface treatment of aluminum plate, there will be a sense of metallic luster, and under the sunlight, there will be a kind of natural elegance, so that the whole building has a sense of quality. In addition, due to the use of aluminum closed, air conditioning pipe and water pipe exposure problem, will be readily solved. It is for these reasons that aluminum facade becomes the first choice for luxury homes.

Followed by corrosion resistance: aluminum facade corrosion resistance, high self-cleaning, strong service life.

It IS SAFETY FINALLY: STONE MATERIAL AND COATING ARE THE RESIDENCE OF EXTERIOR WALL, OFTEN CAN APPEAR OOZE WATER, LET MANY OWNERS BE TROUBLED UNCEASINGLY. Aluminum sheet dry hanging greatly improved oxidation resistance, acid rain resistance, UV resistance. In addition, dry hanging aluminum plate almost no seepage possibility; It can also effectively reduce the temperature of the wall and has the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.


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