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What should be paid attention to when choosing curtain wall aluminum veneer?

PVDF aluminum veneer is often used for outdoor and indoor decoration, outdoor can be used for building exterior walls, fire prevention and corrosion prevention, simple style and atmosphere. The interior can be used for interior wall decoration, highlighting gaozhuang elegance, fluorocarbon-aluminum veneer light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, the overall style of the unified outdoor indoor building curtain wall, not only practical, but also beautiful. PVDF aluminum single sheet is made of high quality aluminum alloy sheet as the backing material, then after CNC bending technologies such as molding, surface spraying fluorine carbon coating of a kind of new wall materials, now most of the buildings are using this material to make the decoration of the outside wall or indoor, the plate long durability, recovery rate is very high, completely is a green environmental protection building materials, very suitable for all kinds of buildings.

With people's increasingly demanding aesthetic requirements, now the architecture is also diverse, so these unique buildings in the choice of curtain wall aluminum veneer should pay attention to what? Wuhan curtain wall aluminum veneer manufacturers xiaobian summarized a few points for everyone, let's have a look!

1. Each part of the curtain wall aluminum veneer system needs to carry out scientific mechanical calculation. It is necessary to examine the effects of temperature, earthquake and wind pressure on the curtain wall system from all aspects, and to take a close look at the embedded components, connection systems, keel systems, panels and fasteners. Check to ensure safety.

2. Floating connection to ensure the integrity of the curtain wall recovery ability, will not cause deformation of the curtain wall, and avoid the surface of the curtain wall bulge or sag.

3. Fixed plate method plays a fixed role in the installation plate. The different efforts of each plate fixed point will lead to the deformation of the surface material and affect the external decorative effect, so the fixed plate method must be used to fix the distance pressing. Ensure the stability of curtain wall surface.

4. Is there any reinforcement measure for composite surface material? Because the folding edge of composite plate material only retains the thickness of the front panel, which is thin and has reduced strength, reliable reinforcement measures must be taken for deburring.

5. Whether the reinforcement is reasonably arranged on the back of the board to increase the strength and stiffness of the board, the layout distance of the reinforcement and the strength and stiffness of the reinforcement itself must meet the requirements of ensuring the function and safety.

6. Whether the waterproof sealing method is reasonable, there are many waterproof sealing methods, structural waterproof, internal waterproof, rubber sealing, different sealing methods are not the same price, choose the appropriate sealing method to ensure the function and appearance of the curtain wall.

7. Whether materials used meet specifications, standards and design requirements.