What are the advantages of wood grain aluminum profile tube?

Wood grain aluminum profile tube is a kind of decorative hanging curtain ceiling, the lines are bright and elegant, the whole transparent, peaceful, rich color. Choose appropriate height, with appropriate visual Angle, can produce curtain effect, make the design changes, beautiful effect. Wood grain aluminum profile fang Tong is mostly used in public places with numerous and dense people hidden engineering, which is convenient for air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation at the same time, and can make the light distribution uniform, so that the whole space is bright and simple. Aluminum rectangular tube continuous rolling and cold bending forming, the installation structure is special keel card buckle type structure, installation method similar to the ordinary bar gusset plate, simple and convenient, suitable for interior decoration (keel can design wind card code) is the installation of different aluminum rectangular tube is can choose different angles and spacing, aluminum box section can be divided into the u-shaped machine (U slot machine), profile rectangular tube, aluminum tube, Installation is not at the same time can be one high one low, one sparse one close, with reasonable color collocation, so that the design changes rapidly, can design a different decorative effect. Because the aluminum tube is permeable, the lamps, air conditioning system, fire equipment can be placed in the ceiling, in order to achieve the overall consistent perfect visual effect. Guangdong wood grain aluminum tube is mostly used in public places with numerous hidden projects and dense people. It is convenient for air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation, and can make the light distribution uniform and make the whole space bright and simple. Widely used in subway, high-speed railway stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, channels, leisure places, public toilets, building walls and other open places. Aluminum tube surface treatment mainly includes the following: spraying, polyester baking paint, vacuum heat transfer wood grain, fluorocarbon, etc. (Available) U-shaped tube pass any specification thickness can be formulated, profile tube pass and tube pipe according to the mold in terms of both constraints are mold and thickness, shape is different but the ceiling effect is consistent.