Aluminum perforated panel specifications curtain wall arc aluminum panel

Perforated aluminum panel is mainly composed of panels, stiffeners, hanging ears (corner code), etc. General panel four fold edge; The mounting ear is connected with the panel mainly by pulling mandrel rivets, and the panel is connected with the bone dragon through the mounting ear; The back of the panel is welded with bolts, and the reinforcement is connected with the panel by bolts, forming a firm whole. The reinforcement plays the role of increasing the rigidity of the aluminum sheet, and ensures the wind pressure resistance and smoothness of the perforated aluminum sheet in long-term use

Aluminum perforated panel specifications curtain wall arc aluminum panel

Carved aluminupanel is mainly composed of panel, reinforcement and corner code, reinforcement and plate after the welding screw connection, so that it becomes a firm whole, greatly enhanced the strength and stiffness of aluminum panel curtain wall, to ensure the long-term use of leveling and seismic capacity. Carve patterns or designs on woodwork aluminum panel with a beautiful arc, the craft is complex, anti-uv, long do not fade, installation, maintenance is simple, flexible, durable quality, color, plate thickness, and arc can be on-demand customization, etc., and carve patterns or designs on woodwork aluminum panel material can be completely recycled, therefore, become the product of the construction industry is very hot. The pillars of many large places such as shopping malls are made of carved aluminum panel with fancy punching process. The lamps installed inside the pillars are matched with lighting, presenting a magnificent effect, like a dream.

Aluminum perforated panel features

1. Personalized modeling, diversified choices.

2. Color and size can be customized to meet the actual construction needs.

3. Fluorocarbon paint spraying uniform, bright color.

4. Excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

5. Safety, environmental protection, no pollution.

6. 100% recycling.

Aluminum perforated panel coating excellent performance:

1, perforated aluminum panel surface coating has excellent weather resistance and uv resistance, durable and stable color, not easy to fade.

2, high acid and alkali resistance, can withstand harsh environment wind and sun.

3, good adhesion, high toughness, impact resistance, pollution resistance, smooth coating, easy to clean.

4, wide color range, bright and beautiful, good texture. Monochrome paint, metal paint, can meet different requirements of customers.

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Product Paramenters
Product name
Aluminum perforated panel
product pattern
product shape
Within 1400*6000mm
1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm,6.0mm, etc.
Aluminum alloy 1100,1010,1060,3003,5092, 6063;etc
Surface finish
Powder coated, PE Spraying, PVDF, Anodised, AKZON
Main Production Process
Cutting,CNC Punching,Laser Cutting,Bending, Welding,Painting.
Sample service
Normal design can be free sample with 300*300MM, buyer pay the freight
With special design of perforations or patterns and various customized shapes and structures, the perforated Aluminum panels can help to realize the architect’s special ideas and concepts, giving more styles and designs for the buildings.

The perforated Aluminum panels are fixed to the frame which is extended from the main structure of building but separate from the main structure to be an independent curtain wall system, they don’t give extra weight to the building, this system can also give good thermal insulation and sound insulation to the building.

Application: Landscape architecture

building facades curtail wall Exterior decoration / protection Interior decoration / protection
Product packaging
Packing Details:
1. Custom plywood crate or box for heavy sheet metal parts.  2. Heavy duty carton for small and lighter metal parts.  3. Bubble bag and PE protective film for inner protection to avoid scratches.  4. Plywood pallet is available when sheet metal products are in large amount.  5. Shipping marks as per request.

Project cases:
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 Foshan Qi Aluminum Decorative Materials Co.,Ltd, more than 10 years experience  ,We are manufacturer of  fabricating aluminum perforated sheets , aluminum solid panels, aluminum  screen,aluminum facade decorative sheets, aluminum expanded mesh, aluminum ceiling with good quality and fast delivery for more than 8 years to export countries. Our factory production line includes 12 CNC carving/cutting machines, 7 mould punching machines with 100 sets moulds for hole punching, 7 CNC bending machines as well as accessories assembly machines. We have two coating lines with powder coating, and PVDF coating with working 24*7 hours, cooperating with Jotun, PPG, Akzon brands .  We had done projects in Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Maritius, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, America and so on. Our monthly supplying is about 50000sqms for inside and outside market.  Our projects covers five star hotel, high end villas, school, campus, metro station, airport, office building, shopping mall and some other goverment projects.  We can provide design ,fabrication and installation one stop service for your projects.   High precision, quality guarantee, affordable price , globla delivery and  considerate service is our basis. We accept OEM/ODM  business.  We are the experienced  specialist on facade solution decoration!!!
Our Advantages
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1.How can I get some samples?   We are honored to offer you samples. New clients are expected to pay for the courier cost. The samples are free for you, this charge will be deducted from the payment for formal order.   2. Are you a manufacturer?       Yes, we are. We have our own factory in Foshan city, Guangdong province, You are welcomed to visit our factory. 3.Do you have any certificates?    Our products passed inspection of SGS, ISO9001, CE, BV,COC. Quality is our culture! Every worker keeps the QC from beginning to end, Quality control department especially responsible for quality checking in each process. 4.What information should I let you know? 1) The size of products (Alloy ,size ,thickness, color,pattern,surface treatment application); 2) The specification of the products you want; 3) It will be better if you can show us the pictures or design sketch. Samples will be best for clarifying. If not, we will recommend relevant products with details for reference. 5.Can you do the design for us? We usually produce goods based on customers' samples or based on customers' picture, logo, sizes etc.