perforated aluminum panel facade exterior curtain wall decoration

The main advantages of carving aluminum perforated panel are as follows: 1, aluminum perforated panel body is light, making the device structure is simple, although the device method is simple, but it has outstanding bending ability and wind resistance; 2, the application of carved aluminum perforated panel is wide, can be used for all kinds of renovation of old buildings, room decoration planning, all kinds of new building, can also be used in wall panels, ceiling panels and decoration boards; 3, aluminum alloy, its long service life, choose fluorocarbon spraying, not by ultraviolet, humidity and atmospheric corrosion, fading; 4, the plate can be recovered, can be recovered use, recovery residual value is high; 5, with a wealth of fancy types, arbitrary patterns for customers to choose, characteristic patterns, but also according to the needs of customers to carry out the planning.

perforated aluminum panel facade exterior curtain wall decoration

The production process of  aluminum perforated panel can be divided into two steps:

1, the high strength aluminum alloy plate after cutting cutting, marking Angle, bending, rolling arc, argon arc welding, grinding, assembly, polishing and other preliminary processing, and then chrome treatment;

2, the use of large laser engraving machine after preliminary processing of aluminum perforated panel carving processing. Engraving patterns can be customized according to customer's personalized requirements, quality assurance.

Aluminum perforated panel  is processed by large laser engraving machine through a series of complex processes on the basis of fluorocarbon coating, so it has excellent characteristics brought by fluorocarbon coating and various patterns, such as: It can resist acid rain, salt fog and various air pollutants, has strong corrosion resistance, excellent cold and heat resistance, can effectively resist strong ultraviolet radiation, and can keep the product does not fade, not powder, long service life and so on.

Aluminum perforated panel has high self-cleaning property that is not easy to stain. Even if it is decorated on the open air building, the dust and pollutants attached to its surface are very easy to be cleaned. Often, a sudden light rain can play a role in cleaning. In addition, carved aluminum panel in the factory forming, the construction site does not need two cutting, installation and construction is very convenient and fast. Carved aluminum panel is mostly used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. It not only plays the role of shading, ventilation and beautifying the appearance of buildings, but also adds a lot of life and art atmosphere.

Carved aluminum panel different patterns, size and density of the hole shape transformation match to make the aluminum panelsurface dynamic, can be carved in a variety of styles, rich in artistic atmosphere. Carved aluminum panel is widely used in airport, exhibition hall, subway, station, office building, large shopping malls, office buildings and other building exterior walls and interior decoration modeling because of its beautiful appearance and personality.