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Advantages and production technology of aluminum engraving panel

Aluminum carved panel processing appearance, wood pattern rich, realistic effect, clear texture. Fire resistance: corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, hardness and strength are solid wood floating method compared to rust prevention, damage prevention, UV protection. Processing hollow aluminum panel long service life, can keep 10-15 years no color, no deformation. Strong plasticity, can be processed into a variety of complex modeling, its back can be filled with heat preservation, sound insulation, sound absorption and other materials, so that its functions are more rich. Environmental protection to protect the ecological environment, reduce the waste of material resources.

Advantages and production technology of aluminum engraving panel

Hollow out aluminum panel engraving refers to drawing lessons from ancient exquisite engraving art and using modern technology to engraving various patterns on aluminum panel through computer numerical control machine tools.

More and more buildings are using carved aluminum panels, which will give the building an artistic beauty. At the same time, due to the characteristics of aluminum panel, can be combined with different modeling environment for special-shaped processing, very suitable for the decoration of modern hotels.

Advantages of aluminum panel engraving

Engraving hollow aluminum panel can be said to be a difficult point in the production process of aluminum panel production enterprises. The carving is very original. Its craft requires delicacy and delicacy. This product is a kind of architectural decoration material, which breaks the situation that aluminum panel can only be used as a simple pattern when different patterns are fully designed. Through the various patterns of the panels, simple aluminum panels can produce sensory and visual sensations, suitable for different environments and different buildings, fully satisfying the designer's infinite bold innovation and endless design thinking. As a kind of carving art, hollow aluminum panel is skillfully applied in modern architectural decoration, which brings us fashionable, beautiful and personalized art decoration.

Aluminum panel engraving production process

Engraving hollow aluminum panel in a variety of specifications. The carving knife of the traditional metal engraving machine is small by 8mm, so when designing the pattern, the pattern gap is generally not less than 10mm. Clearance less than 8mm or high engraving requirements of engraving panel, laser engraving. Hollow aluminum panel after engraving, according to customer requirements for different shapes and surface treatment. The hollow aluminum ceiling can be made of curved cladding panels, wavy ceiling modeling and arbitrary Angle bending. Surface treatment using conventional indoor powder spraying, polyester paint, wood grain transfer printing, drawing grinding, enamel treatment, outdoor fluorocarbon spraying, etc.

Application of aluminum panel engraving

Hollow out aluminum panel is a new type of curtain wall decoration material aluminum panel factory and is widely used. It can be used in curtain wall, door head, column, billboard, partition, screen and other places. Patterns can be customized to meet various decorative needs.