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What are the factors that determine the appearance of perforated aluminum panel?

Aluminum alloy punching panel: refers to the use of a variety of aluminum alloy panel by mechanical perforation of the punching panel. It is a kind of new product which can reduce noise and have decorative effect. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of light material, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, moistureproof, shockproof, good chemical stability, beautiful shape, quiet and elegant color, strong three-dimensional sense, good decorative effect and so on

What are the factors that determine the appearance of perforated aluminum panel?

Hole aluminum panel is aluminum panel products through punching and other processes, so the appearance is very important, process technology is not enough and other reasons will have an impact on the appearance of the perforated aluminum panel, so when punching, we must grasp the precise pattern density, not too dense or too wide. Perforated aluminum sheet punching shape is decided whether beautiful appearance of the product is an important parameter, in general, perforated aluminum panelof punching can be designed according to real need round, square, plum flower form such as shape, the bigger the mesh, the quality of the aluminum sheet is the lighter, but stress and tensile strength is weaker, which affects the application of perforated aluminum panel, So the customer must according to their own actual requirements, according to the needs of the project design mesh. Punch is too dense or too wide is an important reason to affect the appearance, followed by color, different colors for different occasions, so color is also one of the reasons for bad appearance.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for building decoration, and more and more new decorative materials have been widely used. As a new decorative material, perforated aluminum panel is used more and more widely. Guangzhou Dali Decoration Material Co., Ltd. produced by punching aluminum panel using 1100H24, 3003H24 curtain wall dedicated single-layer aluminum alloy plate as the base material. After punching, punching and cutting, and then after numerical control bending technology forming. Its surface is treated by fluorocarbon spraying or powder spraying and other curtain wall decoration materials.

Punched aluminum panel

Punching aluminum panel is mainly composed of punching shape, punching rate and punching color. The difference with ordinary special-shaped aluminum panel is that the perforated aluminum panel is perforated and has no sealing properties. It is mostly used in interior decoration, exterior wall image design and special applications.

Punch shape: the shape of the punch is the decisive factor affecting the appearance of aluminum panel beauty, the shape of the punch is round, square, or a variety of strange shapes. Punched aluminum panelis often used in indoor or outdoor image design. The larger the mesh of the perforated aluminum panel, the lighter the quality of the two-color perforated aluminum panel, the weaker the pressure resistance, which affects the application of the place, so customers should design the size of the mesh according to their own needs. Punch rate: Punch rate determines the density of the pattern, too dense is not conducive to processing, too wide is not beautiful, so punching must be uniform.

Punching color: different places need different colors, to achieve different aesthetic effect is also different, so color is an important factor to determine whether beautiful or not.