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How is the aluminum solid panel installed?

Aluminum curtain wall is a decorative product for facade decoration of the building. Aluminum veneer is firmly installed, simple and convenient. The surface of the panel is sprayed with fluorocarbon, with good color and uniform color. Unlike marble and ceramic tile, these exterior wall decoration materials are afraid of cement aging caused by falling off. The aluminum veneer is fixed with self-tapping screws, and the interior is relatively sealed, which can protect the nodes of the aluminum veneer, and the service time is longer

How is the aluminum solid panel installed?

Aluminum veneer installation process:

1, skeleton installation

(1) After the completion of the partition and wiring of the facade of the aluminum curtain wall, the rear anchoring is adopted at the structural beam side of the support, that is, the rear cutting anchor bolt of M10*110 is first driven into the wall and the galvanized steel bottom code is installed. Then weld the enterprise code, connect the square pipe with the steel code through the stainless steel hexagonal head bolt of M10*110, and then install the sawn cross column on the main column after completion of correction. One side of the cross material installation is connected by fixed welding, and the other side is supported by movable support to ensure sufficient deformation. Finally, all the welded steel members should be removed after welding slag, coating anti-rust zinc rich paint.

(2) After the skeleton is installed, the hidden items are installed according to the figure. All screw holes and nail extraction holes are drilled on site. The installed screws must be filled with weather resistant adhesive on the screw head.

2, aluminum solid panel customization

(1) After the skeleton is installed, the designer shall draw the processing drawing of the aluminum solid panel according to the actual size of the layout, determine its model, specification, quantity and surface treatment requirements, and then contact the buyer for processing matters.

(2) according to the aluminum solid panel processing and forming diagram, the manufacturer will shear, punch, fold, drill, kind of nails, welding Angle, glue filling and reinforcing rib forming. Then it is polished, pre-treated, dried, sprayed primer, finish paint, cover paint, skimped oil, cooling, processed aluminum solid panel to be tested qualified, packaging, and then shipped to the site for installation.

3. After the aluminum solid panel mounting process is accepted as qualified, the control line is installed on the steel keel. Then, the added aluminum solid panel is moved to the specified position according to the model and adjusted, and then connected with the skeleton with self-drilling and self-tapping screws. After leveling with the upper and lower left and right, the next process is entered.

4, before the glue, the application of xylene to clean the surface of the rubber road material, and before the volatile with a clean white cloth to dry, and then fill in the appropriate size of the foaming tape (tape to fill, no longer deformation), along the glue road to complete the edge of the pasting paper, perfusion sealant. The glue seam should be kept full, and can not be reused, and then use a special small hanging knife to hang the glue road flat, and finally carefully tear off the paper, pay attention to not pollute the surface of the aluminum solid panel.